Monday, April 28, 2008

The margaritas were flowing at Silver Lake's Casita Del Campo Friday night (mine was a double, blended, no salt) before the 9 p.m. performance of "Chico's Angels -- Chicas Are 4Ever" in their basement Cavern Club Theater.

With performers with names like "Kay Sedia" and "Frieda Laye" it's obvious this is a thespian experience best accompanied by a drink (which, conveniently, can be taken into the theater).

This hilarious take off on TV's "Charlie's Angels" features a crime-fighting trio, bad plots, cheesy music and chase scenes just like the famous show.

Filled to the brim with really bad, dirty puns it's hilarious. Especially if you have another round during intermission.

And Kay Sedia is available for your very own Tupperware Party. Seriously.
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