Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My pretentious friends in high school used to throw around the name Jean-Paul Sartre, but I never really knew much about him or his philosophy.

So Tuesday night I went to see his play, "No Exit," running at the Lounge Theatre on Theater Row in Hollywood.

It's an interesting premise. Three individuals are put together in a room in Hell for all eternity with no exit. Turns out the torture in Hell isn't actual torture -- skin ripping from the bone -- instead each person must spend eternity with the two people who most drive them crazy. In other words, Hell is other people.

This play is performed in exaggerated realism which at first is annoying but after 90 minutes just seemed pointless.

I still don't know that I can describe Sartre's philosophy of life, other than we each create our own reality. Exaggerated or not.
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