Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hocus Pocus

"Orange Lemon Egg Canary" is having its West Coast Premiere at the East Theater on Theater Row in Hollywood. It's a play about a magician dealing with a disgruntled assistant and features some pretty impressive magic in the show.

The show's title comes from a famous magic trick -- performed at the end of the show -- where a magician cuts open an orange and inside there's a lemon. Cutting open the lemon there's an egg. And when he cracks open the egg there's a -- wait for it -- live canary.

The star of the show, Brett Schneider, impresses with both his ability to do magic as well as act. He started the show by doing some sleight of hand in the audience. He asked me to pick a card and I did -- the three of spades. I put it back in the deck and Schneider shuffled and put one end of the deck of cards in his mouth. He pulled the deck away but kept a few cards between his lips. He revealed them one by one but, alas, he hadn't found the three of spades. He coughed a little bit and opened his mouth and pulled out a card -- neatly folded to reveal one of the corners and, you guessed it, it was the three of spades.

Elizabeth V. Newman, an actress in the show, gets points for delivering her lines in one scene while skewered on a pole four feet parallel to the floor after a levitation/balance trick went "awry."

I thought it was cute the bird had its own line in the program. At tonight's show the role of Canary was played by Chirpy.
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