Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dysfunction Junction

Made my way over the Cahuenga Pass to the Falcon Theatre in Burbank to see David Landsberg's very funny new play "An Act of Love" starring Susan Sullivan (best known as Greg's mother on "Dharma & Greg).

Sullivan plays a mother/monster incapable of expressing love to her two adult children because she's full of resentment that she never made it big as an actress. So her son "hires" her for one day to play a loving mother.

The writing is a quite witty, if a little sit-comy. Sullivan is pitch perfect in her role and a true joy to watch on stage. Full of surprises, this show had the mostly senior audience at the matinee in the palm of its hand. Sometimes the audience reactions were so strong it was almost distracting. But that's a sure sign they weren't bored.
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