Friday, April 25, 2008


Alan Ayckbourn's 2002 chiller of a play, "Snake in the Grass" is enjoying it's North American premiere production and last night the audience at the Matrix Theater was screaming in its seats. (OK, me mostly -- but it's really scary.)

Adult sisters are reunited after their Father's death. The older sister, who long ago fled England for life in Tazmania, does her best to seem certain and strong but her doubts are very visible just under the surface.

The younger sister still seems like a baby, but is she?

And the nurse who cared for their Father in his final years shows up with a major chip on her shoulder.

Using a great set, effective lighting and cracker jack acting this show recreates the very creepy, overgrown backyard of an English estate.

From the get-go, this show has its fist around the audience's neck and never let's go.

Go see it, but remember -- you've been warned.
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