Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Cowbell

"All About Walken" is a very funny comedy show running at Theater 68 -- in one of the ugliest locations in Hollywood.

The show features 10 actors all imitating Christopher Walken in a series of sketches based on movies he was in and movies the audience wishes he was in, like "There Will Be Blood" -- "WoW, I duhrink your....Milkshake."

Some of the Walkens are spot-on and some only have the zest of Walken. Several ladies are in the cast including one who amazed as DeNiro doing Walken.

This was my first visit to Theater 68, stuck in the end of an ugly office building on Sunset Boulevard in East Hollywood. You now it will be strange when the address includes "Suite D." But the space inside was certainly functional.

At a crisp 70 minutes, a cute idea that could get real old real fast doesn't.
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