Sunday, April 22, 2007

Old Home Week

My dear, longtime friend Pam Taylor is visiting Los Angeles from Lexington, Kentucky for a conference and I had a chance to see her Saturday night.

We went to see "Heroes" at the Geffen Playhouse, written by Gerald Sibleyras and translated by Tom Stoppard (yes, more Stoppard).

It's a cute little show set in 1959 at a French Home for War Veterans and focuses on three veterans of WW I. Despite their age and infirmities (one has a bum leg, one has seizures and one has a fear of strangers) the three old codgers plan their escape from the home.

The most impressive aspect of the show is its cast -- Richard Benjamin, Len Cariou and George Segal. It's gratifying to see three "veterans" of screen and stage plying their craft.

Pam was particularly taken by seeing Richard Benjamin, who she fondly remembers watching in the movie "Goodbye, Columbus" when she was a teenager. Like the rest of us, he's a little older now.
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