Sunday, April 29, 2007

Back Where I Belong

Friday night I joined the Fanali Family to see the Santa Monica High School production of "Hello, Dolly."

(You should have seen GeezBob's shocked expression when I told him at lunch today I'd never seen "Hello, Dolly" before.)

The students all did a good job with Jerry Herman's musical but I thought Nick Leonard as Cornelius Hackl, the Chief Clerk at Horace Vandergekler's Feed Store, completely stole the show. His rubber-legged comedic dancing brought Ray Bolger to mind and brought down the house.

Saturday night brought me to Culver City to see the Kirk Douglas Theater's production of "Sleeping Beauty Awakes." It's a modern musical interpretation of the Sleeping Beauty Fable co-produced by the Center Theater Group and the Deaf-West Theater.

The story is spoken and sung in both English and American Sign Language. Both hearing and non-hearing actors are in the cast.

The deaf members of the audience clearly loved the show -- waving their hands at the end, the American Sign Language version of clapping.

For the hearing members of the audience the addition of Sign Language adds a visual layer to the story being told.

Lots of beautiful musical numbers and it was great to see Kevin Earley in another show.

Celebrity Sighting: Saw CNN political analyst William Schneider at my laundry in Larchmont Village this morning. He told me he was on his way to the CNN studios in Hollywood.

I couldn't get my camera to work and I've shipped it off to Olympus to be repaired. So I'll just have to use words to paint pictures for the next few days.

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