Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Get the Picture

Went to UCLA tonight to hear humor writer David Sedaris talk at Royce Hall.

Sedaris is one of the few writers who, when I see his byline in a magazine, I'll automatically stop and read his story no matter what.

His ability to take something of insignificance (like a spider or the need for caffeine) and make it absolutely hilarious is astounding.

At his lecture appearances, like tonight, he read a few of his stories and takes questions from his audience.

One of the stories he read tonight -- which turns on an inappropriate name for a TV remote control -- I remember reading a couple of months ago in The New Yorker. It was even funnier hearing it in his real voice.

I especially enjoyed hearing him read from his diary during the three months he spent earlier this year in Japan (in part to learn to speak Japanese).

During the Q&A I asked about the origins of "The Talent Family" -- the name he as his sister, Amy Sedaris, used in some shows they put on. But when I asked the question I incorrectly referred to them as "The Wonder Family." Several audience members were quick to shout out the correct name. Show offs!

I had hoped to take an interesting picture at UCLA to post here but my camera was on the fritz. I'm hoping I just let the battery run down too far. It's charging right now.

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