Saturday, February 14, 2009

Now I'm killing a few hours in the Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge at the Singapore Airport -- widely considered to be one of the nicest airport lounges in the country. And I can see why.

It's actually a little personal victory to be in here. Two years ago I passed through this airport in between New Dehli and Sydney. That trip was also a First Class Around-the-World award ticket. But a First Class seat on Singapore Airlines wasn't available between Singapore and Sydney -- I was booked in Business.

When I tried to come into the First Class Lounge (having just come off a First Class flight from New Dehli) they pleasantly informed me is was the class of my outbound flight which determined which lounge I could use and I was welcome to make myself comfortable in the Business Lounge.

I remember pleading my case, unsuccessfully, in a little reservations office off the entrance to the two clubs. The Business Lounge is very nice, but I KNEW the First Class Lounge was a lot nicer.

And tonight I can confirm that it is. And it was very sweet to saunter past that little office and wave hello on my into the First Class Lounge.
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