Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

You've probably already heard but Jack got hit by a bus today. They started a website to keep folks posted on his condition. You can check it out at

Speaking of medical conditions, I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon, Dr. Fermelia, today. He was pleasantly surprised by the speedy pace of my recovery.

We reminisced about the length of my surgery (2 hours) and the broken operating table that had to be replaced before the surgery could begin (while I was laying on it half sedated).

I proudly told him the news that my father and both grandfathers before me had hernia surgery. He told me hernias are so common in men it's hard to know whether mine was hereditary or not and suggested I shouldn't go around blaming my forefathers for everything.

I also learned why the doctor tells you to turn your head and cough when checking for a hernia. I always thought turning your head was important to the physiology of checking for a hernia. It's actually so you don't cough in the doctor's face.

He took off the little bandage I've been sporting for the last two and a half weeks and set me free, declaring "go live your life."

If today is Groundhog Day that means the Oscars can't be far behind. Tonight I went to see "The Class," the French candidate for Best Foreign Language Film. It follows a teacher and his rambunctious high school students in an urban school over the course of a school year. I alternated between bored and enthralled by this one. The kids are just rotten, but every now and then you can see the teacher break through -- which is so inspiring. The acting is very impressive. It seems like you're watching a documentary.
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