Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friday Night Fight

"The Savages," starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney was my Friday night choice of entertainment. Hoffman is nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance. Linney's performance is every bit as great as his.

Hoffman and Linney play a brother and sister forced with dealing with their abusive father in declining health. Phillip Bosco shows his acting chops as the Bad Dad.

It's a movie with dark humor, emotional moments and a hopeful future.

Before the show I had dinner at the westside classic, The Apple Pan -- a place for a great burger with an abusive atmosphere all its own. Folks were really jostling for the few open seats around the counter last night. Lots of arguments over "who was here first" and questions about why they don't keep a list of names. I guess the answer "because they never have during the last 60 years," wasn't satisfactory.
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