Monday, December 24, 2007

Plan Bee

Went to The Grove last night to see "Charlie Wilson's War." What a disappointment! I guess it proves the old adage "the Congressional appropriations process is a boring topic for a movie."
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John said...

I want to check that review of Charlie Wilson's war. Perhaps because I am always so desperate for any political movie I'm going to counter your negative assessment. Yes Julie Roberts played a cardboard and implausible figure, the scripting was cookie cutter but it made some good points. It showed how one Congress member who is willing to cash in all their chips can accomplish something provided they have a political brain, how many policy outcomes hinge upon people getting on with each other and all of the chance associated with that and the fallibility of US foreign policy over time. I am a political junkie, however, and it's been 12 months since the Queen...Tony Blair is a Catholic now, the Tories are up by 10 points and New Labour is about as fresh a concept as divine right. So I am biased because I am always starved for political movies.