Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What's That Smell?

Was really excited tonight about attending an Advanced Screening of "Bewitched." I always enjoyed the TV show and was looking forward to the movie from the first time I saw the preview several months ago.

Too bad the movie stinks.

Nora Ephron has written a terrible script and a totally uninteresting story. How do you take colorful characters like Endora, Aunt Clara and Uncle Arthur and make them so dull? How do you take a talented comic actor like Will Farrell and make him unfunny? Apparently by hiring Nora Ephron to write the script.

And what's the deal with Nicole Kidman and the waterworks? We get it, Nicole. You can cry on camera. But is it in your contract that you have to cry in every movie? Even the supposed comedies?

No wonder Hollywood is in a Box Office funk.

Let's hope they haven't screwed up Willy Wonka, coming out next month. That's based on my second favorite childhood book. (Rohl Dahl's "James and the Giant Peach" was my all-time favorite.) I'm going to be really depressed if that one disappoints too.

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