Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Ghost of $2 Tuesdays

The Dodgers have cancelled their disastrous $2 Tuesday promotion -- but based on tonight's crowd, no one seems to have told the hooligans.

First a guy who popped a beachball about 3 aisles from us was wildly pelted with beer and debris. He actually stood up as if to say, "go ahead and throw your trash at me," to which the crowd replied, "gladly." It settled down when the police showed up -- but they didn't take any action.

Then after the 7th Inning Stretch the guy photographed above ran on the field. He made it all the way to second base before he was slammed to the ground by several security guards at the same time. Of course the crowd booed at the defeat of their "hero."

And even the woman who won a Saturn SUV jumped for joy so hard she sprained her ankle on the field. She tried to limp off the field but couldn't make it. Hilariously, the two people she beat just left her stuck out there. Finally some staffer ran in from the sidelines to help her off the field. My guess is she'll take the car and then sue the Dodgers. Maybe she'll win a settlement large enough to pay the taxes on her "prize."

And the Coca Cola "Challenge" is back. Some contestant goes on the field and if they answer a trivia question correctly they win "a six-pack of Coca Cola." How generous! Prize value: $2!
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