Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Still Loving the Job

I'm so sick of the non-stop publicity for Tom Cruise and "War of the Worlds." So sick of it, in fact, I went to see the movie tonight wanting to hate it. Good news! I accomplished my goal. I will admit, the special effects are amazing. But the story is so over the top and the plot involves so many lucky breaks for Tom Cruise (I don't remember his character's name) and his family that its laughable. Actually, I was laughing so much I got a dirty look from the woman sitting next to me -- she clearly did not go in wanting to hate the movie.

Can you believe the Scientologists are advertising at the theater where the movie is running? The photo above is of the slide they have before the movie begins. Please, give me a break.

Earlier today, thanks to GeezBob, I had the chance to watch the Dodger game sitting in the sweetest seats I've ever been in at Dodger Stadium (not counting the one game I saw from the luxury box next to Tom Hanks'). The front row of the Lodge Section, directly behind Home Plate. The seats belong to a guy who has been a Season Ticket Holder since 1968.

We were directly below the press box and during the Seventh Inning Stretch I watched Vin Scully, who has been a Dodger broadcaster since the 1950s. He stood up and stretched and then actually sang and clapped along to the song. He wasn't doing this in a "look at me" sort of way. This was no drunk Harry Carrey leaning out of the press box at Wrigley Field leading the crowd in the song. It just seemed like Scully was simply privately enjoying the moment. How many thousands of Seventh Inning Stretches has he been through? And yet, you could tell, right then, there was absolutely no place else on earth he would rather be. As the song ended, he caught my eye and gave me a nice wave and a big smile with those gleaming chompers of his.

We should all be so happy in the midst of doing our jobs.
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