Saturday, October 16, 2004

When It Rains It Pours

USC trounced Arizona State 45 to 7 this afternoon. What a great game! Everyone loves a winner. I was blown away at how many people were on campus before kick-off. And as my friend, Greg Gloede, said "they all have an extra bounce in their step."

After the game I dashed off to be a guest on Barbara Simpson's KSFO radio show -- the Babe in the Bunker. I guess the show went well -- Barbara asked me to stay on 15 minutes longer then the original 60 minutes.

In order to make this live radio show after the Trojans football game I used a room at the Hilton Checkers hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Sadly, I can't recommend this hotel for visitors to L.A. I asked for a quiet room -- they put me next to the elevator. I asked for turndown service -- it didn't happen. Their television package doesn't include KTLA -- so I couldn't watch my favorite 10 o'clock news. And while I was impressed with their car service to the Music Center -- you can imagine my reaction to waiting 20 minutes in the pouring rain while waiting for a ride back to the hotel after the show. What are the chances it'd rain in L.A. at the same time I have to wait outside for a ride!

And what did I see at the Music Center? John Kani's touching play Nothing But The Truth -- about a modern day black family in South Africa coming to grips with the aftermath of the country's apartheid policies.

I might have more to write about the three good actors in the show -- except my program is soaked.

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