Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bridging the North-South Divide

A personal first today: I attended both the Los Angeles City Council meeting and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting. The L.A. City Council voted unanimously to oppose Proposition 68. And the S.F. Board listened to my plea to pass a similar resolution next week.

It's raining in California -- so the flight up was very turbulent. Personally, I like it when it's bumpy. It seems more dramatic.

Had dinner tonight at one of my favorite San Francisco restaurants -- Original Joe's on Taylor Street. The City (as people from San Francisco modestly call it) seems to have several "Original" Joe's -- but this one is the real McCoy.

In fact, Jack McDowell's WW II -era Pulitzer Prize winning article about the revolutionary delivery of blood from the Bay Area to the battlefront describes one soldier's plan to have a hamburger steak at Original Joe's on Taylor Street after the war was over.

I hope he made it -- I know he had a good meal if he did.

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