Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Don't Spit On Me From Your Rooftop

Since the Dodgers won the National League Western Division, Dave Fogarty had to take me to lunch today and I got to pick the restaurant. I'd heard about the Carnellian Room which I thought used to be the Executive Dining Room at the top of the former headquarters of Bank of America in downtown San Francisco.

It turns out the Executive Dining Room was on the 51st floor and the 52nd floor is the Carnellian Room at night, but during the day it's the down-on-it's-luck Bankers Club of San Francisco. Apparently they've recently opened their doors to the public during the day.

As you can imagine -- the view is spectacular. But when Dave and I were shown to the worst table in the place, Dave asked for one with a better view. It was then the maitre'd, with his nose held high, informed us we were stinking up a private club and the best views were for members only.

Well, we still had a nice lunch and I was pleased to see the "best" tables remained vacant throughout lunch -- producing no revenue for the club. (And the truth be told, the view was pretty amazing from where we were sitting.)

Celebrity Sighting: It was nice seeing former California Assembly Republican Leader Carol Hallett on my flight home to LAX. Mrs. Hallett reports she is semi-retired, but continues to work two days a week for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Of course, I'll always remember her for her 1982 campaign for Lieutenant Governor when, at every campaign stop, she tormented her primary opponent Marz Garcia with the fact she was leading in the polls, "5 to 1."

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