Friday, September 06, 2013

They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Question Mark

The A + D Museum (Architecture and Design) on Wilshire Boulevard is currently running an intriguing exhibition: Never Built Los Angeles.

Utilizing plans, drawing and models the exhibit looks at some of the audacious, outrageous, ludicrous and brilliant development proposals made in Los Angeles over the last century.

Some of the ideas are curious, such as the hanging monorail that appears to run past the mansions of Hancock Park.

Some leave you thinking, "wouldn't that have been great?" such as the proposal for a grand central terminal at LAX.

And some seem downright laughable, such as the proposed freeway from the McClure Tunnel to Topanga Canyon IN the Santa Monica Bay.

They are also showing an interesting collection of proposals for the land that ultimately was used to build Dodger Stadium.

We're so used to what "is" it's fun to ponder what could have been.

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