Thursday, September 05, 2013

Gimme My Milk

Sometimes things seem to happen for a reason.

Recently a light fixture in my kitchen was broken and needed to be replaced.  I went to my Go To Hardware Store, Koontz Hardware, but the salesperson told me they didn't carry what I needed and kindly referred me to Westside Wholesale Electric on Beverly

Westside Wholesale Electric is a cluttered warehouse sort of a store that had exactly what I needed and offered a fair price.  But more importantly, it is located directly above Susina Bakery -- one of the very best french bakeries in Los Angeles.  The first two times I visited Westside Wholesale Electric I made a second stop downstairs at Susina.  Two stops -- one parking space: perfect.

On my third and final trip to Westside Wholesale Electric to pick up my new purchase I decided to visit Milk -- an excellent ice cream shop and bakery two blocks west on Beverly.

I'd been there once before, many years ago, and loved it.  They have excellent ice cream which you can buy by the scoop, in a sundae or in an outstanding ice cream sandwich or bar.

They also have tasty baked goods.

How long until my next light fixture breaks?

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