Friday, August 23, 2013

The Big Reveal

The relatively flat topography around the Grand Canyon creates an interesting phenomenon.

You don't see it until you're right on the edge.  And then WOW!  Very dramatic.

After arriving at the train station in Grand Canyon Village (the commercial center on the South Rim) I took the very convenient, free National Park Service shuttle bus to the Main Visitors Center and walked to Mather Point for my first glimpse of the Grand Canyon since I was last there in 1970 with my grandparents.  Breathtaking!

After some time walking along the edge I returned to Grand Canyon Village (about a mile and a half down the rim of the Grand Canyon) and had lunch at the El Tovar Hotel -- built in 1903.  The food was so-so but the setting was terrific.  It doesn't seem like the El Tovar has changed much since it was first built.

After lunch (which meant I was fortunately inside during a brief afternoon thundershower) I spent some more time gazing at the Grand Canyon.  Because of its depth I never did see the Colorado River running at the bottom.

After a little over four hours it was time to return to the train station for the trip back to Williams, Arizona.

What a lovely day!

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