Monday, August 26, 2013

My People Call It Ah-Maze-ing

I got back to Williams, Arizona late in the afternoon and drove to Sedona, Arizona.  Since the days are long this time of the year, the entire drive was in sunlight and I arrived in Sedona as the sun was going down.

I'd never been to Sedona before and was blown away by its beauty.  Coming down from the high plains of Northern Arizona, through a lush green valley and into the red rocks of Sedona was breathtaking.

I headed for dinner at a restaurant I'd learned about via Yelp -- Elote Cafe.  What a find!  I was impressed by this restaurant is so many different way.

First off there was about an hour wait for dinner early on Thursday night.  But it didn't feel like a "we're important and we're going to make you wait" kind of wait.  The restaurant was busy because lots of people want to eat there.  The staff did a terrific job of making me feel welcome and kept everyone informed about the wait for a table -- providing a comfortable area to wait your turn.

And then the food!  "Elote" means "corn" in Spanish, and it's the featured ingredient on the menu.  My appetizer had corn, so did the entree.  Even my delicious dessert had corn.  As Big Edie would say, "Jerry likes my corn."

And finally, the energy in the room was so memorable.  Customers at adjoining tables compared items they'd ordered and swapped tips back and forth.  I had a delightful chat with the owner/chef, Jeff Smedstad, and it was instantly obvious from his terrific energy why this place is such a success. 

I don't know if karma exists, but if it does the center of good vibrations must be Elote Cafe in Sedona.

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