Monday, February 01, 2010

Personal Milestone

Today marks 20 years since I started working at Woodward & McDowell.

On February 1, 1990 -- five months after returning to Los Angeles from a five-year stint in Washington, DC -- I reported for work at a Statewide Staff Meeting in Burlingame for the Yes on 111 & 108 campaign (a transportation measure on the June, 1990 ballot). I was hired as the Central Coast Field Director for the campaign.

I still remember flying up to San Francisco that morning wondering who else on the airplane was also working on the campaign. I remember taking the Embassy Suites shuttle from the airport to across the street from the office. I remember walking into Dick Woodward's big office which was lined with chairs for the meeting. I remember Dick giving me a very warm greeting. And I remember thinking "this is going to be an interesting adventure for the next four months."

Sadly, I don't think my ability to foresee the future has improved much in the intervening years. But it has been an interesting adventure!

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