Saturday, February 06, 2010

Unwelcoming Lobby

Went to the AMC 15 in Century City one night this past week to see "Up in the Air." It's an interesting movie about isolating yourself emotionally in the middle of a crowd. I certainly liked the idea of making a fetish out of frequent flyer points. And it was fascinating to see how George Clooney packed his clothes. But I spent most of my time trying to see if I could recognize different hotel lobbies.

The AMC 15 used to have a great policy of allowing customers to bring in food purchased from other vendors at the mall. I'm sure the businesses in the food court appreciated the increased sales. But the dawn of a new decade brought an end to that policy -- so now AMC 15 customers are stuck with over-priced and over-cooked hot dogs and stale pizza slices. Way to improve the customer experience, AMC!
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