Tuesday, August 05, 2008

You gotta run out and see this one.

"Frozen River" is set in upstate New York, on and off the Mohawk Reservation which straddles the United States and Canadian border. (It was filmed near Plattsburgh, New York -- a place I've actually spent some time.)

A Mother (whose unseen husband is a gambling addict) is barely holding on as she tries to raise two boys, ages 5 and 15. The five year-old is the picture of innocence while the 15 year-old sees through everything, on the verge of becoming a man.

The Mother gets involved in some shenanigans on the Mohawk Reservation, making lots of bad decisions all for the right reasons.

The film does a great job of representing how Native Americans and "whites" see the world differently.

The acting -- all around -- is superb. It's like you're looking at these characters' lives through a hidden camera.
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