Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Entertainment Cavalcade

Went to see the very fun "A Very Brady Musical" Saturday night at Theater West in the Cahuenga Pass.

Any adult fan of "The Brady Brunch" will enjoy this satirical look at the "perfect" 1970s step-family.

It's no surprise there are lots of glancing references to various episodes of the TV show because this musical is Executive Produced by Sherwood Schwartz, the original creator and producer of "The Brady Bunch" (as well as Gilligan's Island). His son Lloyd Schwartz co-wrote the book and directs the show. And his daughter, Hope, co-wrote the music and lyrics along with her husband, Laurence Juber.

I guess it's only fitting this show is "A Family Affair." Oh wait, that's a different TV show from my childhood.

Unfortunately, the witty script is only marginally aided by the somewhat talented cast.

And was I the only one confused because Bobby is taller than Peter?
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