Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sort Of

Went to see the new romantic comedy "Definitely, Maybe" tonight. It's a perfectly fine movie about a divorcing Dad (Ryan Reynolds) who tells his young daughter (Abigail Breslin) how he fell in love with her Mother.

Abigail Breslin ("Little Miss Sunshine") is just an adorable cutie-patootie. It's hard to imagine that 10 years from now we'll be reading about her driving over some paparazzi's foot while fleeing a crack deal gone wrong.

Reynolds plays a young guy who moved to New York City in 1992 to work on the Clinton for President campaign. Sometimes it really bugs me to see how campaigns are depicted in the movies. For instance, in this movie Reynolds is given a chance to prove himself by calling potential donors for an upcoming dinner -- and everyone working in the headquarters (and there's way too many of them) just stops and watches him while he's making his phone calls and then cheer when he sells "a whole table." Hello! Don't the rest of them have any assignments?

Afterwards I had dinner at the new Lawry's Carvery in the Century City Mall. This is a fast order version of the famed Lawry's restaurant on La Cienega. I thought the food was very good but it seemed too expensive for a counter in a Food Court.
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