Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pick a Winner

Went to the Celebration Theater on Santa Monica Boulevard last night to see their new play, "Still Photos."

Celebration did something interesting in programming this play. They held a contest and invited emerging playwrights to submit new works to be considered. And "Still Photos" by a playwright who goes by "Vanda" won. Vanda has entered this play in a number of similar theatrical contests and it has had success elsewhere. From the credits I learned Vanda is on the faculty of the Metropolitan College of New York.

"Still Photos" is about an older woman, played beautifully by Peggy Lord Chilton, looking back on her life and the decisions she made while packing up her house with her granddaughter's help. The photos they find lead to a description of the lost opportunities and missed loves of her life.

The first act -- running over 90 minutes -- could use some editing, but the ending was very, very beautiful.
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