Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cutting the Mustard

I've gone to Greenblatt's Deli on Sunset Boulevard for decades.  It's become my go-to place to pick up food to-go for the Hollywood Bowl or other outdoor events.

I particularly like their turkey sandwiches but I like it with the turkey hand-sliced which produces thicker slices than their machine.  For years that seemingly-simple request stumped their kitchen.  Nine times out of 10 they wouldn't get it right.  That led me to dub Greenblatt's "the best deli in Los Angeles that never gets the order right."

The truth is the last few times I've gone they've gotten it right and last Saturday they were really on top of their game.  The food (and bread quality) seemed improved and the gentleman who took my order really seemed to care about getting it right.  What a refreshing change!

But it's funny how once an impression is made it's really hard to change it.  I remain convinced they're going to get my order wrong and feel obligated to hover at the counter "supervising."

Because there's nothing worse than showing up at the Hollywood Bowl and finding mustard where it's not supposed to be.

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