Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Mickey Mouse Rejection

My birthday is in January. So my ears perked up when I heard a radio ad about getting into Disneyland for free on your birthday. If you live in Southern California I'm sure you've heard them too -- a Dad is having trouble entertaining his son on his birthday and the announcer says to bring him to Disneyland for free.

I didn't really have time to go to Disneyland, but I really like the idea that I COULD go for free. I figured you showed up at the front gate, showed them your driver's license and they gave you a ticket.

The day before my birthday I listened to the ad carefully and noticed it said you had to register for the giveaway. So that night I registered, really having no intention of actually going.

But I was really galled when my registration was rejected because you have to sign-up at least 48 hours BEFORE your actual birthday. Somehow they forgot to mention that in the radio ad. And now whenever I'm driving in my car and the ad comes on I just scream at the radio because they refused to give me the free ticket I was entitled to.

I wonder if you can still get a free meal at Denny's on your birthday? I forgot to check it out this year.

But Pann's -- one of the last googie-style architecture restaurants left in Southern California -- sent me a card good for a free meal any day this month because it's my birthday month. I collected on their offer Friday night, having an excellent turkey dinner. No pre-registration, no hassle, just a good dinner for free. (Or at least the first $8 of the bill was comped.)
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