Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mac the Knife

Every now and then a little reality interrupts the glitter parade.

I'm scheduled for hernia surgery on Wednesday. It's the first time I'm spending the night in a hospital since I was born.

I expect to be released from the hospital on Thursday and I'm hoping for a very short convalescence.

Most people think of a hernia as resulting from picking up something too heavy. In my case my surgeon tells me it's a defect I've had since I was born.

Interestingly, I learned today that my Father and BOTH my Grandfathers had hernia surgery in their day. So I'm just going to think of it as carrying on a grand family tradition.

The hospital tells me not to bring any valuables so I've had to give up on live blogging from the recovery room on my laptop.

Talk to you on the other side -- not FROM the other side.

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