Thursday, September 27, 2007

Seeing Red Sauce

Had a lovely dinner tonight with friends at Miceli's, Hollywood's oldest Italian restaurant -- opened in 1949.

Too bad the cheats in the restaurant's parking lot nearly ruined it. Now that central Hollywood is back as the white-hot center of nightlife, the parking lots are out of control.

Pulling into the Miceli's parking lot I had to pay a $15 deposit, but I was told parking was $2 per hour and I'd receive a refund for any over payment. Seemed fair to me.

Coming back to the parking lot 2 hours and 5 minutes after going into the restaurant I was prepared to pay $6. So I was not happy when the lot attendant told me I only got $3 back because the third hour (of which I'd used 5 minutes) was $8! $12 to park would make parking more expensive than my entree. (Did I mention the food at Miceli's is cheap?)

So I marched back into the restaurant and asked the manager to help me with the situation in the parking lot. Fortunately he did and I got another $6 back for a total refund of $9 of the $15 parking deposit.

So it worked out, but who needs the hassle just to have some lasagna? Though it's really good lasagna....
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