Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Meanwhile, Back at the Bijou

Warm up the Calliope! Crank up the Merry-Go-Round! I'm ready to get back on.

Tonight I'm in Sacramento and had the time to go out to a movie. So I went to the Century Theater at the Downtown Plaza (for the first time ever) to see "Inside Man" -- Spike Lee's new movie.

I thought it was pretty good with fine performances by Denzel Washington, Christopher Plummer and Clive Owen. It's about a bank heist in New York City. I enjoyed seeing the various NYC settings and New York stock characters (bored cop, restless young girl, feisty old lady, old man with a heart condition, construction worker with a heart of gold, etc.)

This is a movie that keeps you guessing so I won't give anything away. Let's just say you should take the title literally.
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