Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fill In the Blanks

Remember the 1970s phenomenon "MadLibs?" There were pre-printed stories with keywords left blank. It would prompt you to fill in the blank words without knowing the story. The resulting nonsense seemed hilarious -- if you were 12. (Somehow I don't think today's 12 year olds would be impressed.)

Anywho, the "updated" version of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" now playing at the Pasadena Playhouse -- which I saw last night -- brings MadLibs to mind.

They've taken Shakespeare's script and added in modern references. But switching back and forth between Olde English and modern phrases doesn't work.

There are some funny lines like "the only hope for Bird Flu is to fly" and "all the world is a show. And the people are but guest stars."

Ironically, I saw a production of this play faithful to the original version, directed by Sir Peter Hall, at the Ahmanson Theater last year. I found that show VERY boring. At least the Pasadena Playhouse production isn't boring (although about a fifth of the audience left during intermission).

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