Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bus/Truck Nip/Tuck

Just how sturdy are the bones of "La Cage Aux Folles," the show with music and lyrics by Jerry Herman and a book by Harvey Fierstein?  The bus-and-truck version that has pulled into the Pantages Theater in Hollywood put it through a real test tonight.

George Hamilton -- an actor who can neither sing, dance nor act -- yet is cast in the lead role in a Musical due to his fame (and his suntan) couldn't wreck it.

Christopher Sieber -- channeling a two-legged Tootie Fields -- an actor who CAN sing, dance and act, couldn't find a spark of life in the moribund Hamilton.  Squeezing into unflattering costumes, the large Sieber who loomed over the surprisingly diminutive Hamilton, couldn't wreck it.

The tinny, tiny on-stage orchestra made up of only a handful of musicians couldn't wreck it.

The on-stage trombone player visibly shaking the spit out of his instrument during a quiet love song couldn't wreck it.

The terrible miking and amplification couldn't wreck it.

A five-minute pause during the First Act when the show stopped and the house lights came up due to "computer problems" couldn't wreck it.

Even an extra-long 20 minute intermission, no doubt to cope with the technical problems, couldn't wreck it.

It's just that indestructible.
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