Friday, September 25, 2009

Had lunch on Tuesday at the Original Pantry Cafe in downtown Los Angeles.

I see they've gotten rid of their decades old Community Table. The first table along the left wall had seating for about 12 and different parties of various sizes would sit there and eat with whomever else was at the Community Table. As we've become increasingly isolated in our society I'm sure the idea of sitting at a Community Table horrified lots of customers.

When I was at USC I wrote a paper for my Freshman Creative Writing class about a meal at the Community Table. I got an A. And it was the last time I ever sat at the Community Table. I don't want to eat with a bunch of strangers at the table.
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hardcandy said...

Odd. Community tables are once again popular in SF and the Bay Area. Next time you're in San Rafael, check out Sol Foods (the new, big, electric green building on 2nd & Lincoln) where the food is so well-loved (puerto rican/cuban) every table is a community table. Community tables are awfully close to taking a seat at a counter, but without the built in entertainment.
Sandra Hess, Novato