Sunday, June 21, 2009

Taupe Springs Eternal

Saturday night I went to the Ahmanson Theater to see the Los Angeles stop in Dame Edna's new show, "My First Last Tour."

This was the third time I'd see Dame Edna on stage (once before at the Ahmanson and once before that at the Shubert Theater before it was torn down). The current show was pretty much the same as the others -- and that was just fine with me.

Edna makes fun of the people in the top balcony ("hanging on like Mexican Fruit Bats" and "Bernies"), talks to people in the audience about their home ("Is it detached?", "Navajo White isn't just a plain White"), their clothes ("I used to try and make my own clothes too"), invites some of them on-stage -- including "Senior" -- for a further grilling and then ends by flinging gladiolas into the crowd.

Dame Edna is very quick and witty, but it's her interaction with real folks that makes the show so entertaining. When she asked "Cristina" how she spelled her name Edna replied that was her second-favorite spelling of "Christina." Up on stage, "Sonia" revealed a beautiful singing voice in her duet with Edna of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." And poor "Debbie" was so on-edge and defensive in every answer to Edna's questions ("Is your husband dead or alive?") that she nearly stole the show.

And based on the crowd reaction there seemed to be a lot of Friends of Kenny (Dame Edna's youngest and most beloved son) in the audience.
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