Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We're Not in Rio Anymore, Toto

Passing through Washington's Dulles Airport yesterday, the snow on the ground was a sudden reminder that it's not summertime, beach weather everywhere. And today it's been raining in Los Angeles.

Both flights home went off without a hitch. But after being waited on hand and foot it was quite a rude awakening to be back on United Airlines. While I was happy to be in First Class on both flights, United's service isn't even close to what other airlines I flew on during this trip offer.

Having said that, United's "First Class Suite" was probably the nicest seat of the entire trip. A very roomy lie-down flat bed meant I actually got a few hours of sleep on the overnight flight out of Rio. What's odd is in addition to a seat belt you have to wear a shoulder strap for take off and landing (similar to the shoulder strap in your car). I asked the flight attendant what it was about the "First Class Suite" that required a shoulder harness? He didn't know but added with the recent reconfiguration of United First Class and Business Class cabins on international flights "there's a lot we don't know about these airplanes."

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