Monday, March 23, 2009

Stale & Cheesy

There's a new British grocery market chain -- Fresh & Easy -- supposedly making a major push into the Southern California area.

They claim to be budget priced, offering fresh and wholesome foods and a variety of prepared meals in convenient locations. Each store is going to be about the size of the average Trader Joe's.

They sent me a $5 coupon so I thought I'd check out their new Hollywood location in a hard-luck mall at Hollywood & Sycamore.

What a horrid experience!

Their "unfinished warehouse" look is painful to look at. Their selection is very limited. The produce is all pre-packaged and bar coded. And there's trash strewn about the place!

I quickly got my parking validated (at one of the cashier-less check stands, they appeared to all be that way) and escaped without spending a penny.

It looks like the British are about as good at grocery stores as they are at dental hygiene.
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