Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where Was I?

Sorry for the hiatus from this blog. It was quite an intense little week on the old campaign trail.

Flew up to San Francisco.
Driving north pulled off the road in Marin County to phone a Bakersfield radio station for a debate.
Drove on to Santa Rosa to participate in an evening debate organized by the Sonoma County League of Women Voters.
After the debate was over at 8:30 p.m., high-tailed it back to SFO to catch the last flight of the night to San Diego

Debated in front of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce at 8 in the morning
Phoned into KPCC-FM for a 30 minute debate
Participated in a campaign meeting
Flew to Los Angeles
Debated in front of the New Frontier Democratic Club in the evening
Caught the last flight to SFO from LAX

Went to KQED-FM for an hour long debate
Flew to Los Angeles
Had a 7:30 meeting in the evening
Drove to San Diego

Taped a debate for KNSD (photo above)
Flew to Sacramento
Had a campaign meeting
Flew back to San Diego
Drove to San Bernardino

Phoned in for a one-hour debate on KQMS-AM in Redding at 8 a.m.
Drove to Riverside to debate in front of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce
Drove to my office in Los Angeles and phoned into KTLK-AM for another debate

So that's why I didn't have time to blog.
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