Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dodger Blue

Drove to Dodger Stadium yesterday morning. I suspect it's going to be my last trip there for a long, long time.

Ever since the Dodgers were eliminated from Post Season play in September I've been trying to get a refund of the money my Dodger Season Ticket Group paid for post season tickets -- well over $4,000.

Twice I was told by the Dodger Season Ticket Office "the check was in the mail" only to have no check show up. In frustration I called owner Frank McCourt's secretary and she made arrangements for me to pick up the check the next day. (I'll give Frank McCourt credit for having a secretary who gets things done.)

But little by little, ever since becoming the owner, Frank McCourt has chipped away at the quality of the fan experience at Dodger Stadium:

Rows of new seats were added in front of ours -- between us and the action on the field.

Ticket prices have sky-rocketed.

The interior of the stadium has been junked up with out-of-control advertising.

Announcer Ross Porter was fired.

The time in-between innings is now junked up with promotions and advertising.

Nancy Bea (and her Dodger Stadium organ) have been pushed aside for incessant rock music.

The Dodgers are abandoning their historic Vero Beach, Florida spring training camp.

Stadium food prices have jumped.

Stadium crowds have grown unruly and the Dodgers refuse to enforce their own Code of Conduct.

Parking prices have sky-rocketed and the new parking system implemented last year is awful.

And the Dodgers have won just ONE post season game since 1988. (At least I was at that game.)

What used to be a lot of fun has turned into an annoyance. Who needs it? Adios.
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