Monday, June 18, 2007

S'Wonderful Weekend

Saturday night I caught Hershey Felder's one-man show "George Gershwin Alone" at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood.

Many violinists, cellists and even bassists travel with their own beloved instruments. Felder travels with his own nine-foot Steinway Concert Grand Piano -- and this beauty is center stage for the show.

Gershwin, known as the "piano pimp," is one of America's most beloved composers. Though his life was cut short by a brain tumor at 38, he left behind classics like "Rhapsody In Blue" and "Porgy And Bess."

In the first two thirds of the show Felder (who also wrote the show) tells of Gershwin's life in New York and Hollywood. In the last third of the show Felder invites the audience to sing along to their favorite Gershwin tunes. Felder proves himself to be very witty, and personable, during his interaction with the audience.
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