Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Trails

Had a great dinner Saturday night with JeezBob, celebrating his birthday at the Sycamore Inn in Rancho Cucamonga.

Originally opened in 1848 as a Stagecoach Stop on the San Bernardino to Los Angeles line, the restaurant is still going strong serving terrific steaks and other swell choices.

It's amazing to think about the old Santa Fe Trail, became a Stagecoach route, then became Route 66 and now is Foothill Boulevard.  What changes the giant sycamore trees in front of the restaurant have seen.

In 1952 my Grandparents, Mother and Uncle moved from Providence, Rhode Island to Wilmington, California.  They stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way (there's a wonderful photo of my Mother and Uncle riding donkeys down into the Canyon).  I assume they took Route 66 from Arizona into California.  I wonder if they stopped at the Sycamore Inn along the way?

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