Sunday, April 18, 2010

I See Your Point

Lately several people have told me I need to get back to blogging more frequently. Apparently it doesn't matter whether or not I have anything interesting to write about. So I'm going to give it a try.

My glasses broke yesterday. The left arm just snapped off from the front of the frame.

I'm not completely blind without glasses, but I certainly can't drive without them. So I found my old, back-up pair of glasses (at least 10 years old).

I went to the Lens Crafters at the Westside Pavilion where I purchased the now broken pair in 2004. The salesman (once he realized the glasses were five years old) was pretty quick to tell me there was no way to repair the glasses and the only option was to purchase new frames and lenses. This is not what I wanted to hear.

I asked him if he could recommend an eyeglasses repair store that could possibly repair them. He said I could go to Fast-Fix on the third floor of the mall but he knew they wouldn't be able to fix them.

Up to the third floor I went and, sure enough, Fast-Fix told me they could fix them. They said they'd be ready in an hour. I opted to leave them overnight and picked them up today. At $45 I think Fast-Fix was probably overpriced but it sure was a lot less money then getting a new pair when I hadn't planned on it.

And that's as interesting as it got today.
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Anne said...

Thank you, Ted. I thought your story was fascinating. You'd be surprised to know how dull some lives can be. Living vicariously through Blogs is a highlight in many days.
I remember when you blogged every day ~ you've spoiled us and now we expect ~ demand? ~ it.

Anne said...

So what happened? Don't leave us in the lurch. How was your day? Did you go to work? Drive? Talk to people? Have meals? Tell all, you terrible tease!

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