Friday, July 03, 2009

Stone-Hearted Hack

OK, I admit it -- I've been a bad blogger for the past few days. I just wasn't motivated to post anything. And that's the truth.

Last Saturday night I went to see "Farragut North" starring Chris Pine and Chris Noth at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood. Despite my hesitation over anything produced at the Geffen I was excited about this play because it's political -- set in a Presidential campaign in the midst of the Iowa Caucuses.

What a huge disappointment! How does a playwright like Beau Willimon take the colorful characters that make up a campaign staff and make them so darn boring? And Chris Noth (who also starred in the play in NYC) is absolutely awful, grimacing his way through his performance!

One wag told me he thought I didn't like the play because I "disagreed with their campaign strategy." Well, the only "strategy" I heard in the play was to "hire some field staff to pump up the GOTV." That's pretty hard to argue with and it's also really elemental. Just because you can string together some political-sounding words does not an interesting show make.

When I lived in Washington, DC (1985-89) I used to use the Farragut North Metro stop all the time. Even that little piece of nostalgia wasn't enough to save this turkey.
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sdsla said...

How was Chris Pine? I was almost interested in seeing this just because of him. I adore him....