Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday night I went to the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City to see their remarkable new production, "Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo" by Rajiv Joseph.

Set in Baghdad in 2003, the play is obviously about the Iraqi War. But it's really about so much more.

Using the real-life story of a soldier who shot a bengal tiger at the Baghdad Zoo after it attacked another soldier, this show look at the unintended consequences of war -- including how it affects the soldiers fighting in it and the ghosts it unearths.

The stage is filled with ghosts, including that of Uday Hussein (Sadam's son) whose gold-plated gun turns into booty worth fighting over.

Most amazing about the show is the obvious talent of the playwright. Talk about your auspicious debut! The writing is so crisp, the dialogue so natural yet meaningful.

While tacking some very difficult topics and demonstrating the violence of war, this play was a completely pleasurable experience to sit through.
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