Friday, October 19, 2007

Stuck on You

I buy all my stamps from the Post Office in Keeler, California. I have ever since the Los Angeles Times ran an article about the Postmaster of Keeler struggling against mighty odds to keep her Post Office open.

The folks at L'Enfant Plaza (USPS HQ) want to shut it down because it loses money. Keeler (pop. 50) is a dying town wedged between the Owens Lake dry lakebed and the western edge of Death Valley. Pretty much all the town has left is its Post Office.

I figure the Los Angeles Post Office won't miss my business. They probably lose more stamps in one day than I ever buy in a whole year.

So whenever I needs stamps I write a check and mail it to: Postmaster, Keeler, CA 93530. 3 or 4 days later my stamps arrive in the mail delivered Priority Mail. And I've done my little part to help keep this Post Office open.

But I'd never actually BEEN to Keeler until Tuesday. I was in Inyo County and decided to swing over and check out the town for myself. Pretty intense.

You can help keep the Keeler Post Office open by buying your stamps there too.
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